Shuling Yong films for the Chicago Humanities FestivalHi! I’m Shuling Yong.

I’m here because I want to empower you to create greater impact, touch more lives, and see greater results through the socially conscious work you’ve chosen to do.

Whether you work in a non-profit organization, a social enterprise, or are simply an individual passionate about making an impact in your community, you might be wondering:

  • “How can I reach more people?”
  • “How do I raise more money?”
  • “How can I increase awareness around this critical issue?”
  • “How do I drive people to take action?”

Well, if you want to learn to use the media to grow your reach and impact in the community, you’re in the right place. I explore, test and learn about digital marketing, community engagement and video production tools and strategies, and document my findings on what works (and what doesn’t!) for you so we can all learn together.

Here’s How Media For Social Change Helps You Expand Your Impact and Reach

In today’s digital world, smart nonprofits and social enterprises understand that it is now more crucial (and more easy!) than ever to harness the power of online media to reach a large audience and create change.

But like many other socially conscious changemakers, we’re often faced with challenges like:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of manpower
  • Too many complicated and overwhelming options

Worry not, we’ll provide practical tips and step-by-step instructions to show you how to navigate the world of online media. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or already engage in digital marketing activities like social media, email newsletters, video storytelling and web analytics. There’s always something to learn from our community of passionate changemakers just like you.

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Video Production and Digital Marketing for a better world

Media For Social Change has helped influence Teach For America’s decision to expand our non-profit client’s program to all their 1st and 2nd grade classrooms across Phoenix and Chicago, helped recruit 500 volunteers, and also been used to help raise over $100,000 at annual fundraisers.

Organizations come back to us again and again because we strive to provide exceptional and friendly service. We don’t just make quality videos, we also work to make sure that word about the amazing things they do are spread through social media, blogs, newsletters. We also help with measuring and understanding results through data analytics to drive decision-making.

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About Shuling Yong

Shuling Yong - Founder of Media For Social Change

I’m a filmmaker with a passion for creating positive social change through media, and have Produced/Directed Growing Roots which premiered on the Discovery Channel, worked with the Chicago-based multi award-winning production company Kartemquin Films (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters) on Maria Finitzo’s In The Game and Steve James’s America To Me, and on Rebecca Parrish’s award-winning documentary Radical Grace. I’ve also worked with multiple non-profit organizations across Chicagoland, helping take their videos and online marketing efforts to the next level.

“This video is absolutely stunning. I’m so impressed with how your team captured the essence of our work (again). I want you to know how much I’ve loved playing this (again and again) over the last 24 hours. You are a truly gifted communicator and we’re thrilled you’re sharing our story.”

– Seth Green, Executive Director, Y.O.U. Evanston 

I’m also a professional speaker at events and organizations. Past speaking engagements include the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, the Entube Media Center (Qatar), ContentAsia Summit (Singapore), Chicago Documentary Summit, Chicago Filmmakers, DePaul University, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy and Northwestern University.

My current creative project is the Reel Impact Podcast, an audio show uncovering the best in film and video for change.

Additionally, I’m an MDA Media Education Scheme scholar, a Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal winner, a Diverse Voices in Docs fellow, the Producer/Director for Intuition.

Filming at an elementary school | MSC

When I first started out working with non-profit organizations to tell their stories through videos, I thought that my job was complete once I’d handed over the DVD and QuickTime file of the finished video. I thought my clients would know exactly what next steps to take to showcase their new cinematically told video story.

Much to my disappointment, I often found the videos we’d spent so much time and money working together on buried in deep pages, and “publicized” with a single text link. Lesson learned. Finishing the video is just half the journey. If you want to increase your impact, you need to know how to market yourself in today’s digital world.

To gain firsthand experience of what it’s like, I joined a small startup non-profit social enterprise and ran their digital marketing and community engagement efforts for 3 years. There, I learned what it was like to try to raise funds, recruit volunteers, and market your programs and services on a shoestring budget.

As the organization was primarily volunteer-run, I was the marketing department, and thus had to figure out practical digital marketing strategies that one person could cope with, and occasionally train and guide volunteers who came through our doors.

I’m not claiming to be an expert, but my inquisitive self has always enjoyed exploring, experimenting and collaborating with like-minded folks. I’d love to share all that I learn along the way with you, and also recommend some of the best tools I use, based on first-hand experience right here. Join the Media For Social Change Community. No hard sells, no spam, just quality, useful content you can put into action. Let’s make this world a better place together.


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