Crazy 30th Birthday Experiment – We’re On Patreon!

Today, I turn 30. As much as I didn’t want to let go of my 20s, I’m really excited about what’s in store ahead. Particularly around my first experiment – Putting the Reel Impact Podcast on Patreon.

You see, after 8 years of working with non-profits and documentary filmmakers to create positive social change through the power of video, I’ve realized that many of us work in silos. Much of what we know comes from learning from our past mistakes.

But what if there was a better way? What if we came together and shared our experiences and helped and learned from each other?

A Worldwide Community of Video Changemakers

This is the challenge I’m setting for myself. If my 20s was based around experiential learning and working with people within my community, my 30s will be for taking it a up a notch. I want to build an international community of people who are just as passionate about using videos and films for good.

First Step: Podcast

And I’m starting with a podcast. Together with veteran Impact Producer Erin Sorenson, we’ll be launching The Reel Impact Podcast. It’ll feature a mix of:

  • Video Production Training
  • Interviews with filmmakers, activists, and changemakers who are using video well
  • Interviews with experts on how to expand our impact and reach
  • Questions and Answers from listeners in the Reel Impact community

Community Supported through Patreon

We’ve decided to put The Reel Impact Podcast on Patreon – a platform where people can support artists and creators through recurring gifts. The truth is, we’ve still gotta put food on the table, and a roof over our heads. So, without any funding, the amount of time we can dedicate to running this podcast is limited.

If the community pitches in together through our Patreon campaign, even at $5/month, you’ll be helping to provide long-term support for the show. Over time, we’ll be able to create even more valuable content to help lift our field as a whole.

Empower People

If you believe in the transformative power of film and video storytelling, and want to help empower more people to use it effectively to make this world a better place, pledge your support through the Reel Impact Podcast Patreon Campaign.

With gratitude,


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