Speaking Engagements

Shuling speaking at Tim's event 1Shuling Yong is a documentary film and video storytelling speaker and presenter at conferences, film festivals, universities and more.

She is dedicated to bringing complex ideas across in a simple, easy to understand manner. Her presentations are backed with examples and case studies to demystify topics on nonprofit storytelling, community engagement, and driving social change through the power of film and video.

Let’s Work Together For Your Next Event

Whether you’re a conference, business, organization or college, we can work together to design a valuable and compelling experience for your audience.

Speaking at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival DocShop 2016 on Online Video Advocacy


Past Speaking Engagements

I’ve always been passionate about teaching, inspiring and empowering others. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak at organizations and events like these:

  • Entube Media Center (Doha, Qatar – under the Ministry of Culture and Sports)
  • Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (USA)
  • ContentAsia Summit (Singapore/Malaysia)
  • Chicago Documentary Summit (USA)
  • Chicago Filmmakers (USA)
  • Northwestern University (USA)
  • Tribeca Flashpoint Academy (USA)
  • DePaul University (USA)
  • Eagles Communications (Singapore)
  • CoLab Evanston (USA)

Shuling, I never got a chance to tell you how blown away I was by your presentation! It was so inspirational – you’re wonderful at what you do!
– Jenny R., attendee

Speaking at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy on Crowdfunding and Community Engagement


A Speaker Who Works Closely With You To Ensure:

  • A Great Experience For Your Audience

    I understand that the way you communicate your message is as important as the message itself. As a speaker, I’ll inject the storytelling skills I’ve developed through my career as a documentary filmmaker to keep your audience engaged.

    I customize every speech to meet the interests and needs of your audience, and deliver it authentically. I’m also a big believer in driving action beyond the session itself, so your audience will leave with practical tips they will be able to implement moving forward.

  • A Great Experience For You

    I’m committed to helping you make your event a success. I’ll have a phone or Skype conversation with you to understand your audience, expectations and logistics. All your questions will be answered promptly either via email, phone or Skype.

    My presentation will be professionally prepared, educational and entertaining, and customized to your audience. And I’ll be sure to announce your event on my social media channels.

I’m so glad I came. What an amazing way to present the material!
– Michael, O., attendee

Speaking at Northwestern University on Community Engagement and Distribution


My Favorite Speaking Topics

  • Film and Video for Community Impact and Change
  • Nonprofit Video Storytelling
  • Community Engagement Through Film and Video
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media for Filmmakers
  • Documentary Film Production


The session conducted by Shuling Yong was great! She engages fully in what she does and willingly shares her passion with others.

All participants very positively assessed the workshop run by Shuling and said it was very good. Shuling, thank you very much for your great work!

– Marta Mazur, Entube Media Center, Qatar


Next Steps

Thanks for your interest in having me speak at your event or organization. Let’s connect and discuss further. I look forward to working with you to create an awesome experience for your audience together.

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