How to use Click To Tweet to Boost Sharing of Your Content on Twitter

On top of creating really useful content, the way to get more people to share your message is to make it as easy for them to do it as possible. With Click To Tweet, it’s easy.

Why use Click To Tweet?

This is a easy and free way for you to pre-populate a Tweet for your users, so they don’t have to think of what to say when sharing your content.

Here’s a step by step guide to using Click To Tweet, whether it’s through using their website, or using the WordPress Plugin.

Use Click To Tweet via their Website

1. Visit

2. Enter the text you’d like to have pre-populate the tweet.

You’ll need to be concise. Even though the character limit is 140, I’d advise you to keep it to under 120 characters to leave room for your creative users who might want to add their own comments in.

Click To Tweet User Interface

Just type the text you want to pre-populate tweets with into the white box. The handy character limit counter helps you stay within 140.

Remember to include the following for maximum exposure:

  • A shortened url link back to the page you want promoted
  • Your Twitter handle
  • A relevant hashtag
Click To Tweet Example Tweet

Type in your text, then click “Generate Link!”

3. Click on “Generate Link!”

Click To Tweet works its magic to give you a unique URL. Copy and save it somewhere so you’ll remember what it is.

4. Embed the URL in your anchor text (the words you’re using to link out), or to turn a button into a clickable one.

Go ahead, give it a try:

Tweet This Button


Use Click To Tweet via the WordPress Plugin

Note: Plugin installations are, unfortunately, only allowed for websites. sites do not allow plugins to be installed.

  1. Login and visit your WP Dashboard.
  2. Click on Plugins -> Add New
  3. Search for “Click To Tweet”
  4. Find “Click to Tweet, by Todaymade. Click “Install Now”
Click To Tweet WP Plugin

Be sure to choose the plugin by Todaymade

5. Once installed, go back to your left-hand menu and click on Settings -> Click To Tweet
6. Copy (or write down somewhere) the code you’ll need to enter into your posts.
7. Enter your Twitter handle without the @ symbol to set a default signature in tweets.

click to tweet wp plugin settings

8. Open a post you’d like to include a Click To Tweet Button in.
9. Insert the code and include your message in between the parentheses (or open and closed inverted commas). Here’s an example of the code I used:

Click To Tweet Code Demo

10. Click save, and voila! Here’s how it’ll turn out:

Try clicking on it!

And there you have it. An easy way to make your content more easy to share via Twitter, with Click To Tweet. What other methods have you found useful in helping your content spread on Twitter? Let me know in the comments section below.


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