Video Production Services

“If nonprofits aren’t learning about video and thinking about it and integrating it and using it, they’re really missing out on one of the most powerful tools we have to move people to action.”

– Katya Andersen, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, Network for Good

Engage, Inspire, Spark

You work hard every day at your organization, and you know you’re doing work that matters. But do people who aren’t on the ground with you know what it is your organization actually does? Is the amazing life-changing, policy-influencing work you do going unnoticed and undocumented? Are your donors and volunteers engaged, and confident about where their money and support is going, and what it is doing?

A video well-done has the ability to engage viewers’ emotions, inspire conversations about your organization, and most importantly, spark action. Raise awareness, attract volunteers and strengthen your donor base through the power of video.

“I think this video is very much what I personally aspired for. The threshold for me is crying and there were two moments where this video had me in tears… which is very appropriate because what we do is breathtaking and tear-taking 🙂 Thanks for your extraordinary work (again)!”

– Seth Green, Executive Director, Y.O.U. Evanston

Let’s Build A Partnership

Media For Social Change has worked with nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses and changemakers for over 8 years to tell their stories through video. Our clients have come back to us again and again because the investment is worth it.

When we partner up, here’s our promise to you:

  • Listen & Understand – We’ll meet with you, visit your site, get to know you and the work your organization does. We’ll work together to understand the current challenges you’re facing.
  • Strategize & Plan – We’ll work with you to craft goals. Who do you want to reach? What message do you want viewers to walk away with? How will we achieve this?
  • Organize & Execute – We’ll translate the end goal into video production elements – the schedule, the shot list, the rough script, the call to action and more. We’ll gather the best people – both on-camera subjects and production crew. We’ll guide you through the steps till our shoot day, while maintaining the utmost respect and ethical standards with all parties involved
  • Craft & Tweak – We’ll pull all the pieces together – raw footage, images, sound, music, graphics – and work with you collaboratively to mold it into a compelling and powerful piece.
  • Show & Share – We’ll be there the day of your screening/showcase to help make sure everything runs smoothly, and work with you on how to keep the momentum going after, and maximize impact and reach.

The First Step Is Easy

Schedule a free Skype Consultation, or drop us an email at shuling[at] Take a look at samples of our work. I’m happy to help.

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